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At Hylidix Custom Computing, we take pride in our custom built systems. That's why, when we select the parts, we only use the top brands. Why? Because of their strong reputations, unparalleled performance, high reliability and industry-leading warranties. Some of the brands we prefer and recommend include:



Western DigitalEVGA



ThermalTakeCooler Master

Crucial TechnologyNZXT



CorsairBFG Tech

Arctic CoolingLogitech

Hylidix Custom Computing

We custom build rock solid computers to meet your specifications. Whether it's an office workhorse or a gaming rig that will make your competitors cower before you, Hylidix delivers the quality and performance you need to get the job done with confidence. Our custom PCs use no proprietary components and you are not locked into any fixed "product line" of computer. Only proven components from technology leaders are allowed to touch your expertly hand-assembled and thoroughly tested machine. If you need a world-class PC that's easy on your budget, Hylidix Custom Computing is the place to be.

Do you know what your dream system is down to the clock cycle?
We can build it just the way you want it.

Do you just need an updated computer for web browsing and sharing photos?
We give you more computer for your money than the big-box brands.

Do you have a fixed budget and a desired level of performance?
We work hard to exceed your expectations without exceeding your budget.

Do you need a computer for a specific task but are not a computer geek?
We will design a quality system based on your needs that you can depend on.

Just fill in the form below to request a quote. It's really that easy.

See what some of our customers think...

"... I needed a computer that could handle my home business and critical data. But I also wanted to play Call of Duty. [Hylidix] designed and built me a system that keeps the business data safe and the computer cool and stable after hours of after-work gaming. The best part is, they beat the D brand by a grand and included features those guys don't even offer! I know where I'm going for my next computer."
Nick - Salt Lake City, UT

"... My computer was so old I could barely check my Hotmail account. I'm not really a computer person and I didn't want to spend a lot. My new computer from Hylidix has a beautiful screen. Now I can check my email and watch videos without the computer freezing. And you can barely hear the thing running. But the best thing is, they worked with me to make a computer that I could afford."
Cynthia - Bristol, CT

What We Do

At Hylidix Custom Computing, we are system builders - that's all we do. We focus on designing and constructing high-quality computers to meet our customers' needs and exceed their expectations. Each computer we build receives individual attention - we do not outsource. Need industry-specific software? No problem. Need a special expansion card or peripheral? No problem. We tailor each system to you. For every computer we build:

Each component is carefully inspected to ensure that it is the correct item and that no damage occurred during shipment to us.

Your computer is assembled with care and precision by qualified personnel at a static-controlled workstation.

Internal wiring is routed to maximize airflow and minimize movement. The system is powered on multiple times to make sure the core components are functioning properly.

The system BIOS is configured for stability and optimum system performance. This is where we set up any RAID arrays and overclocking settings.

If you ordered an operating system installed:

Windows is installed and set up for reliable performance. The latest critical updates and security patches are installed for Windows and Internet Explorer.

Device drivers are installed and each component is verified. Drivers are then updated to the latest version and the system is verified again for stability and performance.

If you ordered installation of any additional software, we install, configure and download any applicable updates and patches. Then we test each program to make sure it works.

The final step is burn-in. We run the computer through a battery of performance and stability tests multiple times to be certain your PC is powerful and dependable.

What's in the box?

When you order a computer from Hylidix, we give you all of the documentation, extra parts and software that comes with each component. You read that correctly. Unlike other computer builders, we give you everything you paid for. We also take steps to lower our landfill and carbon footprints. Your computer ships in the box the case came in. By not transferring your system to a separate box, that's one big box and at least 2 large foam protectors that don't have to be produced and don't have to end up in a landfill. It also allows us to transfer that cost savings directly to you.

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Terms & Conditions

We respect your privacy. Hylidix will not share, sell or trade your personal information to anyone. Period. Quotes are good for 15 days from the date on the quote. After that time we must ask you to request a new quote. Payment methods currently accepted are check or money order. Custom computers carry a 30 day limited warranty against hardware manufacturer defects. MA residents subject to 6.25% sales tax. Customer is responsible for all system and peripheral shipping costs, including any returns. We are not responsible for damage during shipping. All systems are shipped insured and must be signed for by the recipient. Be sure to inspect any packages you receive for damage and note that damage to the delivery person before you sign. You have the right to submit a claim with the carrier if they damage your new computer.